Please Allow Me to Allow You Access to Your Seat…

lthough this is a minor annoyance to me, it can be rather humorous:

Why is it that at times, a person who wants to access a window seat or a middle seat will stand in my way while expecting me to give him or her room?

That happened to me earlier today aboard a Boeing 747-400 aircraft operated by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. I was the first to take a seat in the row to which I was assigned — and this time, it was an aisle seat. It is a good thing I selected an aisle seat because — as you can see in the photograph at the top of this article — not only was the seat over the wide part of the wing, there also was basically no window.

Anyway, a large passenger eventually arrives aboard the airplane and starts stuffing items into the overhead storage bin above my head, with his jacket hitting me in the face several times. I am certain that he did not realize he was doing that.

After he was done fiddling around for several minutes — and holding up traffic in terms of people boarding — he then completely blocks my access to the aisle while asking me to get up so that he may access his seat.

I was not sure what to say, even though this has happened to me numerous times before. I looked at him, wondering how in the world I was supposed to stand up and let him through if he will not let me out to do so? I could not walk right through him

Of course, this was resolved in a matter of seconds; but I just never understood that. If I were the passenger who needed access to a window seat — and that happened on my flight from Atlanta to Amsterdam — I either stand near the row in front of the one in which my seat assignment is located; or I stand on the side of the person whom I am politely asking to allow me in. Either way gives him or her room to stand and allow me to get to my seat.

Why is it that some people do not get out of my way when they ask for access to their seats? Has this ever happened to you? If so, how did you handle it — and do you handle it any differently if the person is impolite or rude in the request to access his or her seat?

Photograph ©2015 by Brian Cohen.

6 thoughts on “Please Allow Me to Allow You Access to Your Seat…”

  1. RoloT says:

    Happens all the time. I no longer care to play aisle kabuki, so I just ask the person how I’m supposed to let them pass if they won’t allow me access to the aisle.

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      “Aisle kabuki” — I have never heard that term before, RoloT. Thank you!

  2. Jeanne says:

    It’s worse as a woman! They try to step over you which is really awkward.

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      That is downright rude, Jeanne.

      I would never think of stepping over a man or a woman to get to a seat — or for any reason, quite frankly…

      …and I have had some bull-headed or clueless people attempt to climb over me to get to their seats. They get the evil eye from me.

      Whatever happened to respect for personal space?

      All I ask is that they just politely ask. I am usually very accommodating.

  3. mdtravel says:

    Love this observation! Happens so frequently. Most often it appears to me to be people who don’t travel much, but doesn’t common sense win out over experience when it comes to this?!

    Great post.

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      I would think that common sense would win out, mdtravel.

      Then again, what is it that they say about common sense — that it is not common?

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