Protea Hotels By Marriott Logo
Source: Marriott International.

Protea Hotels in Africa Rebranded by Marriott

P rotea Hotels has been rebranded with an updated logo; and effective immediately, the brand — which was acquired by Marriott International in 2014, propelling the lodging company to become the largest one in Africa — is now officially known as Protea Hotels by Marriott “to capitalize on the travel aspirations of Africa’s growing middle class and the increased presence of international hotel brands in Africa.

Protea Hotels in Africa Rebranded by Marriott

According to this article from the official news center of Marriott International, “Having successfully integrated Protea’s systems and operations, Marriott is enhancing Protea Hotels’ brand strength and awareness through its endorsement. The rebranding represents Marriott’s long-term commitment to evolving Protea Hotels from a strong regional player to a globally recognized brand with international appeal by leveraging the power of Marriott. Additionally, the endorsement will strengthen Marriott’s awareness in Southern Africa by leveraging Protea Hotels’ strength in the region.”

Effective as of Monday, February 23, 2015, you can earn, redeem and enjoy full elite level status benefits at 26 participating Protea Hotel properties, Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! and African Pride Hotel properties in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban in South Africa — with the remainder of the other Protea hotel properties joining the Marriott Rewards frequent guest loyalty program in October of 2015.


According to the aforementioned announcement, “Marriott International’s rebranding of Protea Hotels demonstrates Marriott’s sustained focus on developing the unique strengths of regional brands and integrating and amplifying those strengths within the broader context of Marriott’s global brand family.”

If my stay at the Protea Hotel Samrand is of any indication, Marriott International has some work to do before its Protea Hotels brand achieves those “strengths.” As I wrote in the review of that hotel property, “I personally would not consider staying at the Protea Hotel Samrand again due to my experiences — and that is an absolute shame” — and that is because the hotel itself had the potential to be a good one at which to stay.

With greater than 100 properties located throughout South Africa and seven other African countries, Protea Hotels by Marriott — which forms part of the global brand portfolio of 19 brands of Marriott International which operates greater than 4,500 hotel and resort properties in 87 countries, causing me to wonder if Marriott International is growing too fast — is the leading hospitality brand in Africa; and it is one of the most widely recognized brands in Africa.

Photograph ©2015 by Brian Cohen.
Photograph ©2015 by Brian Cohen.

As for the logo itself, I like it significantly better than the former logo, which is shown in the above photograph. The logotype is cleaner and more refined — but without giving a false sense of elegance.

The signage should improve as well.

Source: Marriott International.


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