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Photograph ©2020 by Brian Cohen.

Save Money by Tracking Your Hotel Reservations at No Extra Cost.

HotelSlash is from the same people who brought you AutoSlash.

If you have used AutoSlash in the past and have been happy with its performance and results pertaining to saving you money on your rental car reservations, you have likely wished for a travel tool which worked similarly by saving you money on your hotel reservations without costing you an extra penny.

Save Money by Tracking Your Hotel Reservations at No Extra Cost.

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Photograph ©2020 by Brian Cohen.

Although it was introduced last year, HotelSlash is a relatively new tool from the creators of AutoSlash which is focused exclusively on tracking existing lodging reservations which were booked elsewhere and informing users when rates decrease order to save money — users also have access to private rates which are offered — and HotelSlash has already saved customers a significant amount of money, as the feedback has been exceedingly positive…

…but effective as of earlier this week, new functionality now allows users to get a quote on a specific hotel or resort property and book reservations directly with HotelSlash. Reservations which are booked through HotelSlash will automatically be tracked for lower rates, which will deliver a seamless customer experience. Travelers can be confident of not only getting a great below-market rate up-front, but also be able to rest easy knowing that they will be alerted if a better deal comes along as the date of their arrival to check in to the hotel property approaches.

To use HotelSlash, you must be a customer who has used AutoSlash — unless you use this special link — as this is not yet an official launch of the site to the general public primarily because HotelSlash is still missing some important features which are planned for the official release version. For example, although a discounted quote can be requested, users need to have a specific hotel or resort property in mind with the latest version of HotelSlash. Being able to search by city, airport, point of interest, or address is forthcoming, but HotelSlash is not quite at that point yet. Rather, this is the Early Access phase of HotelSlash, through which an early access code is needed to sign up for — and use — the site.

“I’ll let the pricing speak for itself but as you also probably know, wholesale rates can range from good to great, depending on the property and dates”, Jonathan Weinberg — who is one of the co-founders of both AutoSlash and HotelSlash — said. “We plan to be aggressive on the pricing front though just as we have been on the car side for the last 10+ years.”

Final Boarding Call

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Photograph ©2020 by Brian Cohen.

The news about the latest version of HotelSlash was first released in this official newsletter which subscribers receive from AutoSlash, for which you can sign up at no cost.

If you want to try out HotelSlash, please click on this special link — no, it is not an affiliate link — and if you use this special link, you can bypass the requirement to be a customer who has used AutoSlash…

…and if you have not used AutoSlash yet, try it out anyway. Both services are absolutely free to use — and you could potentially save a lot of money.

As only one of countless examples of customers who saved money, read about how Grant Thomas of Travel With Grant saved more than $1,300.00 just by using AutoSlash

All photographs ©2020 by Brian Cohen.

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