Vilnius from Holiday Inn hotel room
Photograph ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

Saying Thank You in Lithuanian is Nothing to Sneeze At

A s I checked in to the hotel at which I was to stay for two nights, I asked the cheerful woman behind the front desk — who was very detailed pertaining to the information I needed to know about my stay — how Lithuanians say thank you.

Saying Thank You in Lithuanian is Nothing to Sneeze At

“Achoo”, she replied.

I hesitated for a moment. Do I say gesundheit to her in response? Was she trying to mess with my mind and play a strange joke on me?

The puzzled look on my face must have given my momentary confusion away to her, as she smiled when she repeated: “Ačiū. Like the sneeze.”

Ačiū”, I said to her, thanking her for explaining to me how to say thank you in Lithuanian.

As usual, whenever I would thank someone native to Lithuania by saying ačiū, he or she would be very appreciative…

…but not as appreciative as I am about having my running shoe dilemma resolved — at least for now, as I am currently awaiting my flight to Minsk at Vilnius International Airport while they are holding up. I have said ačiū many times as a result.

By the way, the airline on which I am flying as a passenger is Belavia; and I will document a trip report of my first time using that carrier in a future article.


As you might already know, I like to learn at least one word in the local language at a place which I am visiting; and usually the first word is thank you — usually followed by please

…and please pardon the poor grammar of the headline of this article. Ačiū for understanding.

There is one thing to which I must admit: how to say thank you in Lithuanian is one of the easiest translations I have had to remember…

Photograph ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

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