Smaller Cans of Soda for More Money? Give Me a Break

Glass bottle and aluminum bottle of Coca-Cola

At left is a glass bottle which can hold ten ounces of soda; while on the right is an aluminum bottle which can hold 8.5 ounces of soda. Photograph ©2016 by Brian Cohen.

Photograph ©2016 by Brian Cohen.

6 thoughts on “Smaller Cans of Soda for More Money? Give Me a Break”

  1. BarbChicago says:

    I actually have tried to not drink soda at all in general.

    1. David says:

      Ding ding ding ding!

      The whole soda debate is a red herring. You shouldn’t be drinking them to begin with.

  2. DaninMCI says:

    So I guess NYC and Bloomberg won’t like this trend with the 3 cent per ounce tax they propose as a so called effort to try and curb obesity. First at 7.5 ounces the tax would be an uneven 22.5 cent tax per can as I’m sure they wouldn’t round up. This is compared to 36 cents per 12 ounce can or $1.92 per 64 ounce big gulp. Soon enough they will be outlawing the small cans and keeping a 20 ounce minimum size.
    I don’t drink much soda or coffee but neither is very healthy of course.

  3. American Beverage Association, ABA Communications says:

    As science clearly shows, when it comes to achieving or maintaining a healthy weight, balancing all calories with physical activity is important. That’s precisely why our industry launched the Balance Calories Initiative in partnership with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. Via this effort our member companies have voluntarily pledged to work together to reduce beverage calories per person by 20 percent by 2025. To achieve this goal we are rolling out low- and no-calorie options and making these choices available in smaller portion sizes. This effort is also broadly working to promote a healthier overall balance between what people eat, drink and do. We contend that, through comprehensive education and collaboration, meaningful health behavior change will continue to take root across America.

  4. Bill Cartwright says:

    Trying to make America less great at a higher price, are we ? Obviously profit motivated at the expense of the consumer, in my opinion. I’m not buying it. You’re losing a loyal customer.

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