Sometimes Stupid Little Things Can Make My Day — Such as What Happened to Me at the Fuel Station

T he fuel tank of my car was getting closer to empty; so I thought I would I would fill up the tank with gasoline this morning; and after taking care of other business, I head on over to the fuel station and notice that the price of gasoline had spiked by 13 cents per gallon.

Sometimes Stupid Little Things Can Make My Day — Such as What Happened to Me at the Fuel Station

After the initial momentary mild shock wore off, I grudgingly pulled up to the pump, got out of the car after turning it off, and proceeded to pay in advance for my purchase with my credit card — when I noticed the the price of gasoline was still at the lower price despite it already being marked up at the higher price on the signage.

I filled up the car. Despite the three reasons why you should not top off the fuel tank of your car, I probably did so anyway.


I know, I know — I only saved approximately $1.80 as opposed to paying the higher price. Big deal, right?

Well, I suppose not — and there are people who say that it all adds up in the long run…

…but I am not usually all that lucky; although my strokes of luck come in spurts. Silly as it may sound, the experience felt like a miniature victory of sorts — especially in recent weeks when the price for a gallon of gasoline seems to follow the pattern of spiking ten to 15 cents per gallon; and then slowly decreasing in price by a penny or two every two to three days. It then spikes again another ten to 15 cents per gallon; and then again price decreases by a penny or two slowly drift by every two to three days.

Only three months ago, the price of a gallon of gasoline was 60 cents per gallon cheaper at the same fuel station. Multiply that by 15 gallons and the difference suddenly becomes nine dollars per tank of fuel.

Economists tend to vociferously argue the benefits and disadvantages of the price of oil decreasing. All I know is that I benefit in a direct manner by saving money when that happens — and that also includes decreases in the price of airline tickets as well.

Perhaps some people might find it ridiculous that such little things can improve my day — even if only marginally — but then, what is wrong with that?

May something happen to you today as well that results in your day being just a little bit brighter; things just a little bit easier; you just a little bit happier; and your smile just a little bit wider.

Photograph ©2015 by Brian Cohen.

One thought on “Sometimes Stupid Little Things Can Make My Day — Such as What Happened to Me at the Fuel Station”

  1. Bill says:

    Thanks, Brian. I read your post earlier today; smiled at the last lines; sure enough, my day got a bit brighter like yours did; and now I’m reading this post again.

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