Would You Spend $4.8 Million For a Balloon Expedition Over Mount Everest?

I magine photographing the summit of Mount Everest as you float over it in a hot-air balloon with the person who was aboard the first successful balloon ride over the tallest mountain in the world back in 1991.

Now imagine paying $4.8 million for the privilege; or $2,607,500.00 if you bring a friend who is willing to also pay $2,607,500.00.

If you have the funds, you will not need to imagine, as you can take part in a hot-air balloon expedition over Mount Everest with Chris Dewhirst; and the two paragraphs shown below is a excerpt from that Internet web site which also includes a video whose duration is almost an hour in length:

In this truly unprecedented opportunity, you will join an expedition to soar over the top of Mount Everest in a hot air balloon, becoming one of only a handful of people to ever see the summit of the highest mountain in the world. With veteran pilot Chris Dewhirst at the helm, you and a small team of adventurers will ascend well beyond 30,000 feet where you will find an other-worldly view of Everest and the Himalayas, from the most spectacular 360-degree vantage point on the planet.

This is not only a remarkable endeavor, it is also an invitation to join one of the most elite fraternities on Earth; Chris and his team were the first and only people to accomplish this feat – you could be the next. This is your opportunity write your own chapter in the annals of daring human feats and exploration. Join the ranks of pioneers from history like Shackleton, Livingstone, and Hillary as you venture to rarely-explored heights for an expedition that will capture imaginations and headlines around the world. Mount Everest represents the most daunting challenge Earth has to offer. Will you be one of the few to take it on?

Included in the price is the following:

  • Balloon expedition aiming to cross over Mount Everest
  • The flight itself will take the better part of a day
  • The expedition may spend several weeks in Nepal, depending on how long it takes to find an appropriate weather window
  • While Chris will make completing the journey a priority, safety is of course the top concern. If the weather is uncooperative at the time of the attempt, Chris will make every effort to reschedule though this may come at additional expense.
  • Passengers will need to commit to up to a month of physical and skills training, depending on their background
  • This experience includes an attempt at crossing Mt. Everest in a hot air balloon, not necessarily the successful completion of that journey. If the journey is either postponed due to weather or does not succeed in crossing Everest, a later attempt can be scheduled with Chris at additional expense.
  • An extensive liability waiver will need to be agreed upon by all parties before the purchase of this experience.
  • Chris will need to assess the physical and mental faculties of anyone attempting this journey before approving the sale. Each passenger is an integral part of the crew and their abilities are


For some reason, the last sentence of the last item in the above list was never completed. Have fun finishing it and posting what you think should complete that sentence in the Comments section below.

As for me, I have not found enough spare change behind and underneath the couch yet to finance this trip — which, by the way, is not refundable once scheduling for the trip has been completed — so I may have to forego it this time around…

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