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Photograph ©2016 by Brian Cohen.

Spooky Coincidence: Airplane Crash Predicted Almost 13 Years Before It Happened — Because of Another Airplane Crash

The recreation for a television program only led to an even eerier coincidence.

Jane Anna Pritchard had no idea of the eerie chain of events she had started by revealing the prediction of an airplane crash in the San Fernando Valley of California which she claimed to have dreamed while she was seven months pregnant.

Spooky Coincidence: Airplane Crash Predicted Almost 13 Years Before It Happened — Because of Another Airplane Crash

The woman — who was 25 years of age — tried to convince her skeptical husband Stanton that an airplane was going to crash into their modest home in North Hollywood based on the recurring dreams she had at the exact same time every night which seemed so real. Finally accepting her premonition and not wanting to take any chances, the couple stayed in a motel on the night that an airplane did crash into a garage apartment in May of 1957 — only 20 feet from their house.

One person died and three others were injured as a result of that incident, according to this account from the United Press International news syndicate and printed as an article in a newspaper on Sunday, December 4, 1960.

The story was intriguing enough to be written as the tenth episode of the third and final season for the television program Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond titled Tonight at 12:17 with narration provided by John Newland, who was the host and director of the program. The episode aired on Tuesday, December 10, 1960; and you can watch it in its entirety with the video shown below.

As with most television programs and films, creative license was use to change some of the facts for the purpose of entertaining the audience better with more dramatic effect — but that unwittingly led to another eerie prediction…

…an airplane with registration number N5227K — the same registration number which was used in the aforementioned television episode but apparently not of the actual airplane about which Jane Anna Pritchard warned — reportedly crashed on Sunday, October 21, 1973 at 6:08 in the morning in Signal Hill in California, which is only approximately 29 miles away southeast from the first airplane crash; and 12 years, 10 months, and 16 days after the episode was aired nationally on the television network of the American Broadcasting Company.

None of the five occupants of that airplane crash in 1973 survived.

Final Boarding Call

By the way, the aforementioned newspaper article reports that Jane Anna Pritchard dreamed that Richard M. Nixon won the election as president of the United States. He did lose the election in 1960 to John F. Kennedy — but he was successfully elected president only eight years later.

These eerie coincidences seem like a perfect episode for…

The Twilight Zone.

Some things simply cannot be explained — assuming that everything is indeed true…

Photograph ©2016 by Brian Cohen.

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