Electric power lines sunrise
Photograph ©2016 by Brian Cohen.

Sunday Morning Photograph October 17 2021: An Electrifying Sunrise.

More power to nature — and to mankind.

The early autumn morning was less humid but not yet crisp; and yet the change of seasons from a hazy hot summer was in the air. As motorists navigated the roads on their way to work and children walked along the street hauling their books to school in time for their morning classes, they all seemed oblivious as to the brief show which was occurring as a result of both mankind and nature.

Sunday Morning Photograph October 17 2021: An Electrifying Sunrise.

Electric power lines sunrise
Photograph ©2016 by Brian Cohen.

Sunrises can occur in many different ways, as I mentioned in the Sunday Morning Photograph article last week on October 10, 2021. Some of them have clouds which help accentuate that grand canvas above us known as the sky; some of them have little more than a barely glowing ball which is filtered through a dense fog; and some of them have no impediment whatsoever due to a clear, crisp autumn morning.

Fiery reds, brilliant oranges, or bright yellows usually define — and even dominate — the palette of colors which is used by a sunrise…

…but in this particular case as I was driving my car, I spotted an interesting angle of the sun rising in a clearing of trees behind some electrical power lines. I stopped, parked the car, and photographed the sunrise shown in this article. I particularly liked the stark contrast between the silhouettes of the electric power lines and one of the towers which held them suspended in the air. The yellow clouds in the otherwise blue sky simply added to the aforementioned palette of colors.

Many works of art, literature, music, and photography have been inspired by sunrises over the years. Sunrises are especially spectacular when viewed from an airplane while flying at an altitude of 35,000 feet in the sky…

…and that is no wonder, as watching the sun rise into the sky — with its ever-changing colors — is a mesmerizing experience. I can never tire of watching the sun rise.

Final Boarding Call

To some people, what happened on that morning was simply the sun rising behind some power lines. To me, it was an electrifying photographic opportunity which displayed both the power of nature and the power of mankind.

For additional photographs of sunrises around the world — as well as sunsets around the world — as taken by me over the years, please refer to this article called Sunrises and Sunsets From Around the World.

All photographs ©2016 by Brian Cohen.

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