Bahrain control tower
Photograph ©2015 by Brian Cohen.

Sunday Morning Photograph October 23 2022: Control Tower in Bahrain.

It was one of the highlights in Bahrain.

When I related about the trouble I experienced when passing through customs after arriving in Bahrain from Abu Dhabi as a passenger aboard an airplane which was operated by Gulf Air, I used a photograph of the control tower at Bahrain International Airport — but I never showed the photograph in its entirety, which prominently displays the color and design of the official flag of Bahrain.

Sunday Morning Photograph October 23 2022: Control Tower in Bahrain.

Photograph ©2015 by Brian Cohen.

Construction was completed on this unusual control tower in 2005. According to this project overview from GPZ Group:

The 50m high tower is topped by two inverted cone structures and constructed on piled foundations with pile caps, ground beams and grade slab. The superstructure comprises of a reinforced concrete core with a lift and staircase, structural steel framing to upper floors and cone structures, composite aluminium cladding to external walls and a proprietary glazing system to the parabolic rear elevation of the tower and window areas. A specialist glazing system incorporating an invisible tungsten wire heating element is installed around the 12m diameter air traffic control room in the upper cone.

Bahrain flag
Photograph ©2015 by Brian Cohen.

The above photograph shows a flag of Bahrain which has apparently seen better days.

Final Boarding Call

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All photographs ©2015 by Brian Cohen.

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