Take 5 Minutes to Assist Others — It Could Make Their Day

A s I am checking in for my flight at the kiosk this morning, the gentleman next to me — speaking in a broken English accent — asked for me to assist him.

After asking him to wait just a moment until I completed my transaction and received my boarding pass, he said to me that he had no idea how to operate the kiosk in front of him. He was holding his mobile telephone in front of him.

I asked if he had a frequent flier loyalty program number. He was not sure about what I was talking.

Pointing to the slot on the kiosk, I asked if he had a credit card. He pulled out his credit card and put it in the slot every which way except the correct way, on which I assisted him. The message on the kiosk instructed him to see an agent.

Looking at his reservation details on his phone, I encouraged him to try typing in his confirmation number. Although his seat was going to be assigned to him at the gate, success! There was his information displayed on the screen of the kiosk so that he may continue to check in.

Helping him took me all of five minutes, if that much time. I really did not do anything special; and yet he was so grateful as shown by the happy and relieved expression on his face, in his voice, and in his words.

Did I make his day? I do not know — but I would like to think so…

…and helping him made my day — so far, anyway.

I then thought to myself that if everyone took an extra five minutes to assist someone in need while traveling — whether it would be helping to put a bag in the overhead compartment; granting a seat request; or giving that person information he or she needs — perhaps there would not be as many incidents of “air rage” pertaining to seat recline and some other “pet peeves” of air travelers.


3 thoughts on “Take 5 Minutes to Assist Others — It Could Make Their Day”

  1. Great story. We had a guy at the TSA line yesterday who clearly hadn’t flown much (or at least not in the US) and I was able to help him out in a similar way

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      Excellent! Thank you for helping him!

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