Video: Pilot Tackled Drunk Passenger After Flight

I n defense of an attack perpetrated upon members of the flight crew, a pilot tackled a man identified as Michael Kerr — who is 25 years old and from Kentucky — aboard an airplane operated by American Airlines which flew from Lexington to Charlotte on Thursday, July 21, 2016.

Arrested and Charged

As he threatened, yelled, kicked and spat at flight attendants, Kerr was arrested by law enforcement officers at Charlotte Douglas International Airport after the airplane arrived safely at the gate. He had reportedly consumed three drinks of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey while aboard the airplane during the flight.

A judge ruled yesterday that Kerr — who appeared in United States District Court on charges of being intoxicated and disruptive, assault on a female, communicating threats and interfering with the duties of a flight crew or attendant — has reportedly been banned from flying as a passenger on commercial airlines pending a trial, according to this article written by Kiana Cole of The Charlotte Observer.

Kerr was also ordered to have no contact with the members of the flight crew whom he is accused of attacking. He allegedly threatened to break the jaw of one flight attendant; and he reportedly kicked one member of the flight crew in the leg and shoved another down to the floor.

Aboard the Airplane

While seated, Kerr ranted loudly, his speech slurred and laced with profanity.

During the wait for the jet bridge to arrive at the exit door of the aircraft after it landed and taxied to the gate, Kerr started screaming, “Let’s go, go!”

“Can you sit down for me?” asked a flight attendant as Kerr was standing in the aisle.

“I could; but I am trying to help you”, he responded.

After a few more words were exchanged between Kerr and the flight attendant, he followed her to the front of the aircraft.

Video: Pilot Tackled Drunk Passenger After Flight

This video recorded by passenger Brian Colón — no, not Brian Cohen — shows one pilot repeatedly instructing Kerr to take a seat, to which Kerr repeatedly replied “No.” After insisting to get by the members of the flight crew while attempting to push his way through, Kerr was subdued by the other pilot.

As the unidentified pilot tackled Kerr, he ordered angrily, “Hey! Sit down. Sit down! Enough! You don’t put your hands on my flight attendant! Enough! You hear me? You stay right there!”

Despite being restrained on the floor for at least 15 minutes, a feisty Kerr attempted to fight back, calling the pilot a complete loser in a tirade laced with profanities, as shown in this video which was also recorded by passenger Brian Colón.

The flight attendant — who is also yet to be identified publicly at this time — is currently in physical therapy approximately three to four times per week with neck and back pain.

Kerr was released on $25,000.00 bond.


This incident appears to have occurred due to excessive consumption of alcohol during what is typically a short flight — but there are too many facts missing to reach a definitive conclusion.

At least two questions come to mind: did Kerr consume alcohol before he boarded the aircraft — and if so, was he already inebriated? Despite potentially reducing income for the airline — as Kerr was apparently seated in the economy class cabin of the airplane — should he have been denied being served alcoholic beverages at any point in time during the flight?

Although the outcome could have been much worse, what could have been done to have prevented this incident from happening in the first place?

Source: Brian Colón via Storyful.

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