Atlantis Bahamas bed bugs
Source: Fox News Travel. Composite graphic illustration by Brian Cohen.

What is Wrong With This Article About Bed Bugs?

A  story has emerged pertaining to a woman who was attacked by bed bugs at a resort property in the Bahamas. I first learned about this story from this article written by Edward Pizzarello of Pizza in Motion; as well as from this follow-up article — which includes photographs — also written by him.

As I have been to the Bahamas and have written about bed bugs in past articles — such as this article which contains advice on how to prevent bed bugs from coming home with you — I thought I would research this story and see if I can find more details about it before possibly writing an article myself.

What is Wrong With This Article About Bed Bugs?

During my research, I stumbled across this article from Fox News Travel. One look at it had my head scratching — and no, I was not experiencing a bed bug attack at that moment.

Atlantis Bahamas
Source: Fox News Travel.

Can you find what is wrong with this article about bed bugs?


Not long after I asked what is wrong with this Burger King extra long fish sandwich image, the fast food corporation stopped offering it. I suppose it was a limited time offering instead of a permanent addition to the official menu. You can decide as to whether or not that is unfortunate.

We all make mistakes at one time or another. I am not perfect by any means — but then again, The Gate does not employ an editorial staff, either; and I can bet that the size of its budget is nowhere near that of the travel department at Fox News.

I cannot wait to read your correct answers — as well as your creative responses…

Source: Fox News Travel. Composite graphic illustration by Brian Cohen.